Over 30 Years Of Experience In Aviation Industry


The complex aviation industry requires that you partner with those who are the most experienced in all facets of the business. Global Jet Management provides you with every aviation-related detail you will need, regardless of your long and short term goals.


Allow Global Jet Management to utilize its’ 30 YEARS of experience in the business to help you satisfy all of your needs. Our clients have benefitted from allowing us to identify airplanes for their needs, to sell aircraft that they currently own, and to manage every specific aspect related to their ownership of an airplane.


Your relationship with Global Jet Management commences with our initial contact and does not end until which time your aviation needs are no longer necessary. We are always there for you and we will not disappear after any transaction. The well-known phrase, “Our Customers Come First” is exemplified daily and our existing customer base will verify that. This philosophy makes for successful businesses year after year. The majority of our business comes from referrals. Let us show you why there is sound reason for that.