Over 30 Years Of Experience In Aviation Industry

Why Global Jet?

International Experience

Global Jet Management is domiciled in the State of Texas, in the USA. But, our network of relationships has spanned the globe. Our experience and relationships have taken us to several other continents where we are able to provide the same quality of service as one would find in any country where aviation is a major factor. As we all know, latest technology makes...

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Great Customer Support

Once you have decided upon the purchase of your aircraft, we will be at your side to assist on all the matters consistent with new ownership. We are able to direct you to excellent financing sources, assist in securing insurance, and by recommending highly trained mechanical support. If you seek pilots for short term and/or long term needs, we have a database of...

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Quality with great Pricing

  Global Jet Management, LLC are experts in the field of aviation. We know excellent quality and will not offer an aircraft for sale that is not in impeccable condition. Many of the aircraft we sell have been updated both mechanically and aesthetically. This includes, but is not limited to: updated avionics, re-designed interiors, new paint, and service by only...

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